Mar 20, 2008


i'm the worst kid ever.

why? my mom had knee surgery yesterday and i thought it was today.

i went over yesterday for my usual visit, and there she is, snoozing in her recliner, with a towel wrapped around her neck (just in case she, um...kinda pukes).

my first response (that thankfully didn't become verbal) was sheesh, what's wrong now?

thankfully i kept my mouth shut.

worst daughter ever.

the doctor told my step-pop that he feels the surgery went well and that my mom may not need knee replacement later.

fingers crossed on that one. she's had knee problems ever since she fell at Sears, where she worked for years.

so we'll see how this goes. she, like her daughter could stand to lose a lot of weight. and add to that, she has diabetes, so her blood sugar was sky high and wonky yesterday. but, there was trauma to the body, so naturally the sugar takes off.

man. i feel like crap.

in other news...

Brendan has a second interview with a place in San Diego. he's also finally got together with the manager of the printhouse that's about five minutes from our place. he was offered about 15, ooo less than what he made @ the last job, but after six months he's willing to boost him up to just about his last paygrade.

it's gonna be a hard job. Brendan will be running the entire shop, while the manager/owner is out selling. prayers, please that he makes the right decision.

that's it for me, and here!!


Tug said...

Don't be too hard on yourself...I have to write everything on my calendar, & STILL miss some things. Glad she got decent news, though - I hope it holds true.

Much luck to B and his decision! How far would his drive be for the SD job? That's something to take into consideration also.

Melissa said...

I'm pretty sure you aren't the worst daughter ever - that would be me, when my sister told our mom that I'd posted on my blog that she left me to my own devices a lot when I was small.

It isn't that she didn't remember it that way, it's just that she thought there were mitigating circumstances.

Anyways - glad your mom's surgery went well, and good luck (again) to Brendan!

doodlebugmom said...

You are a good daughter, just a little confused. Besides, think how much worry you saved by having the wrong date in mind. :)

Hope she can avoid more surgery later...always a good thing!

Sending good interview vibes to the Bman!

smileymamaT said...

OK, maybe not the worst EVER, but still pretty bad.
*snort* sorry, couldn't help it, passing off some of my own guilt. I I think I remembered to call my mom on her birthday like 3 weeks ago.... but I can't remember for sure. SEE??! Just tell your mom that... um... you were giving her a day to recuperate in peace. Yeah, that. LOL....

Pat said...

Awww, darn it girl! Hugs for all 3 of you!

Susie Q said...

Now now...someone has to be the worst right?? *evil grin* are human right? RIGHT???
People forget or get dates wrong.
You were there when she needed you to be.
I hope all goes well...and quit being sop hard on YOU!
I am saying a pray for Brendan. I hope he gets what he wants and needs.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone forgets things. I just forgot my sil's birthday and everyone had a fit about it, but, know what I say. Tough sheet! I can't be expected to remember every single important date in my friend's and family's lives.

Good vibes going out to hubby. Whatever job he takes, I'm sure he'll make the correct choice.