Mar 26, 2008

all without the benefit of alcohol.

'you need to tell me. if you talk, we'll go easier on you.'

'i---i can't. you don't understand what kind of people these are. and what they're capable of.'

'come ON now. do you think we're so stupid that we don't know what we're up against? now. for the betterment of the community and yourself, tell me what you know.'

'i----i just don't know. i'm so s-s-s-scared.'

and then i woke up.

to the moon shining in my window, right in my face, making me believe i was being interrogated.

probably by some radical scrapbookers who didn't like what i was doing.


Melissa said...

Sure sounds like a guilty conscience to me!

Mama P said...

Careful with the scrapper interrogators. They might drag you off to some "border" town. "Punch" you out. "String" you up. Aim their "glue gun" at you.

I'm good... I know!

Valerie said...

you forgot 'crop me at the knees.' sheesh.

Susie Q said...

They have Cutlebugs & Cricuts and they know how to use 'em.