Mar 12, 2008

it's all for a reason.

this all started Monday.

my boss came in Monday Morning with one red, swollen eyeball. it made me gasp.
and i'm not a gasper.

but he wouldn't go to the doctor. 'it's allergies,' he said.

allergies my left foot. i have allergies. my eye doesn't look like that when i get an allergy attack.

i gave him my bottle of allergy eye drops. believe me, i don't want that back. it's pinkeye, i tell him.

no, he says. allergies.

allergic to the doctor, i think.

Tuesday morning.

same uggy looking eye.

same stubborn man.

enter our department manager. who sends him home. go to the doctor, she says. people will complain.

um, hello?! i've been complaining.

thank heavens, he went to the urgent care. guess what? it was allergies.


that would be pinkeye. p-i-n-k-e-y-e.

so because he was gone for the day, i didn't get to leave work early enough.

i missed my flight to Reno.

so as i stood there rebooking my ticket and crying, a very sweet woman came up to me and said 'is it going better?"

no it's not, i missed my flight and it's been horrible at work and at home...sob, boo hoo, waaaah.

'honey,' she said, putting her arm around me. 'there's a reason you're not supposed to be on that plane.'

that shut me up.

'seriously.' she says. 'it doesn't mean that the plane is going down, but there is a reason you were to miss this flight. everything happens for a reason. you just remember that.'

that woman was my angel yesterday. i really believe God sent her to me just to keep me on track and remind me that even though i want to believe it's all about me, there really is a Bigger Picture out there, and i lose sight of that.


i'm constantly telling Brendan that things happen for a reason. i can't explain the reasons but there is a reason and everything works the way it's supposed to. so, no, there was no plane crash last night.

but i'll never know the reason why i wasn't to make that flight.

thanks NiceDeltaLady. you put me back in perspective.

tonight: Keith!


doodlebugmom said...

Those angels on earth are awesome.

I can't wait to hear all about Keith, have I told you how jealous I am???

Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer in that credo as well.


Pat said...

Whooosh! I can let my breath out now - I thought you were going to say you missed Keith!

smileymamaT said...

wow. that was nice, even to have someone from the airline comforting you. Ya just never know, too. Maybe that plane had wicked bad turbulence, or a stinky farting too-talkative seat-mate with chronic halitosis. Or something. Feel better now?

Melissa said...

Perspective - its a beautiful thing!

Becky said...

Don't you hate it when coworkers continue to come into the office with contagious things? One of these days I'm going to start smacking them upside the head. I have one coworker in particular who refuses to stay home. I actually expressed my disgust at one point because she shared her strep throat with the office, and it made me cancel a visit home. When I told her my father is diabetic and I can't be passing on germs like this to him, she didn't see why that should stop me from going. I wanted to slap her. And don’t get me started on the time she came in to work when one of her children was in the hospital having tests run for meningitis.

Yes, you read that correctly. Meningitis.


I've said to the one coworker I can say these things to, "But at least her tombstone can say 'But I still went to work!'"

People, go to the doctor, stay home and take care of yourselves. Stop sharing your germs with the rest of us. We may like you, we may even love you, but not that much.

Jeff said...

It is true for me as well. I think everyone tends to neglect the big picture. It is good that people put us back in line.

Susie Q said...

Silly, silly man...pinkeye is so recognizable and I can not imagine why he would want the discomfort of it when he could get meds...

And there is a reason for everything...even when we just can not see it. I do believe we have to remember that...not that I always do. I am majorly impatient.

It all worked out right?? I mean, Keith came and you saw him and it was great and...

We all love you...