Mar 14, 2006

what th'...

My sister is down with my nephew, hence why thou has not heard from moi lately.

Three days at Disneyland. With a five year old.

Not enough sugar & caffeine in the world to keep with this kid.

But dang, do i love him.

Met him & his Mommy @ John Wayne Airport, the boy nearly knocked my chunky bum on the ground when he came running & jumped on me. (i'm pretty sure my neurosurgeon would not approve)

So, in trying to kill some time before they could check in their hotel, we went to a scrapbook store in Tustin (for you locals - it used to be Memories, now it's the PaperZone...more on that later) - had to buy stickers for the Boy, then Uncle B took him out to have him run around. They have a nice fountain between the theaters & California Pizza Kitchen, so Uncle & Boy went to check that out.

As Mommy & i are checking out, Boy comes running in, to tell me about the fountain & could he come show me?!

Sure, baby. Anything for you.

So, off we go. I'll post pictures later, but there's a hysterical one we took of the Boy standing next to one of the frog fixtures (water comes out of their mouth) - if it doesn't seem funny now, just think of the last Austin Powers movie, with Austin at a fountain, eating aspagarius to keep peeing. You'll get it.

Boy running around fountain. Boy jumping up & down on fountain. Boy jumping in fountain.

What th'....

You never saw three adults move so bloody quick.

The Boy was flat on his bum. Up to his neck in water. Did Mommy or me get a photo? Naaahh...

For those of you local, you know how bloody cold it was Sunday. For those of you not local, if it got out of the 40's i'll be surprised. For So.Cal., it was freakin' COLD!

So it's freezing & we now have a wet, giggling five year old. And, as the three of us were asking Boy what the heck he was thinking...his response was he "wanted to splash Aunt Balerie."

What th'....

So, we strip the boy down in my car, pull out new togs, and head over to Vans so he can get new shoes.

And this is Day One.

Can you imagine what the continuing days will bring?

Stay tuned...

In Other News...

My mother in law is being transferred to a nursing home for some physical therapy. Still very disoriented, not too strong, but still slowing recovering & improving.

Thanks for your continued good thoughts, prayers & karma.

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