Mar 24, 2006

there's 21 less pounds on my butt....

and that's something to celebrate!

went in for the weigh in today - imagine my surprise when i found i had lost 7.4 lbs.

that's a seven plus a four.

how stinking cool is that?

i'm really amazed the amount of the loss..considering that i was up last week.

now i was bad, but not that bad. so i have attributed it to two factors:

Fact #1: the scale i was weighed on last week is NOT the normal scales i use.

Fact #2: i had just come off the Death March at Disneyland. so there's more than a good possibility that since i wasn't drinking as much water as usual and did a buttload of walking, i probably retained mucho agua.

(21.8lbs. holy crap. i have NEVER lost that much. always got tired of measuring foods on the "other" WW plan. guess having back surgery was a good motivation.)

7.4lbs. hell, i was ready to stop at the 7-11 & get a cupcake to celebrate.

(Linda, stop shaking your finger at me. i didn't do it.)

wowzy. just amazing.

you'll see less of me next time. aloha!

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

nothing wrong with a cupcake, get one for me too!

Congrats on the 7.4 wooo hoo!