Mar 25, 2006

kids spell the darndest things....

so today, i found several future stars of "America's Most Wanted" writing in the dust on a car in our complex.

y'know - the usual. pre-teen boys. mostly OK kids. just being...well, kids.

dorky boys.

and they were doing what pre-teen, dorky boys do when they've just discovered words & things like dick, sperm, boobies, middle fingers...

they draw them.

why? because they can.

so one had written the "t" word for a vagina. (family blog, y'know, so i won't repeat it)

BUT...stupid kid misspelled it. and to make them even stupider, they didn't run when i walked up to them.

OMG. i laughed sooooo hard. well, now, our Future Rhodes Scholar is embarrassed that i'm laughing at him in front of his friends. so he does the only thing he can to save face.

he calls me a bitch.

but as i walk away, still laughing, my reply was:

"that's OK. you'd misspell that one, too."

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