Mar 18, 2006

dieting SUCKS!!

now that i have that out of the way...

gained yesterday, almost two pounds, but i ain't a-gonna complain. considering all i ate was Theme Park food, i don't think that is too bad.

it just means i eat a lot more zero-point veggie soup this week to make up for it.

so, here i sit, finishing up a Lean Cuisine ravioli (YUM!) when, on Food Network ( i know, what kind of a masochist watches Food Network when on Weight Watchers?!) is Chefography on Paula Deen.

Paula Deen. the patron saint of Southern Cooking.

it's so much a part of my childhood. my crazy Auntie Kay was from Missouri and even though she was coo-koo..the woman could cook.

she could fry a chicken that would make the Colonel & Mrs. Knott absolutely green with envy.

but Paula...she just seems like a cool chick. someone you'd want to just hang out in the kitchen with.

oh, and eat of course.

southern food - THE comfort food.

black eyed peas...fried chicken...cobbler...fried green tomatos...grits...well, you get the idea.

we have two restaurants around here (that i know of) that specialize in southern cooking. one has really good tri tip, grits as a side dish and KILLER biscuits with apple butter. the other has pulled pork to DIE for. and their breakfast is pretty yummy, too.

so if you're ever in my neighborhood, now you have two recomendations for eating.

moral of the story: don't watch Food Network when you're on Weight Watchers.

oh, and Paula Deen ROCKS!

peace, love & deep fried chicken.

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doodlebugmom said...

Don't beat yourself up over two pounds, there is always next week. Besides, Disneyland was so worth it...right?

I love Paula Deen too. She cracks me up.

Linda :o)