Mar 29, 2006

Ricky & Lucy had the right idea.

ah yes. the Ricardos.

not only one of the funniest shows ever, but, i believe, harbingers of the future.

always digging how Lucy...and even Ethel dressed - well, except for the heels. (sorry Hubbs, just can never get into them)

but today - i believe they were on the cutting edge because...

separate beds.

because remember in the 1950's, NOBODY had sex, especially married couples.

but lately - i'm for it.

my complaint is that the cat is taking over part of the bed - the husband is taking over the other part. i end up on my side, hanging on the edge.


everyone else is comfy but me.

now i've pushed the cat off before. he just comes back. i've also tried pushing B over, but dang. might as well try to push Godzilla over. he just doesn't move.

so i want my own bed. not only will i sleep better, but i will be FAR less cranky.

and which would you rather have: Cranky Valerie or Happy Valerie?

uh huh. i thought so. happy hump day.

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