Mar 9, 2006


So, nothing new going on in Californialand. It's getting cold, though...big storm a-comin' (OK, not big as far as my East Coaster friends would deal with, but when the entire population completely freaks out EVERY TIME IT RAINS, it's gonna be a big deal). Big & cold. Said today that the snow level could drop to 2500 ft. THAT, dear reader, is COLD for us.

LOVE watching "I Love Toys" this week on them trips down Memory Lane...Operation...Barrel o' Monkeys....Malibu Barbie...i really love the commercials.

See, i'm a commercial junkie. To me, they can be better written than some 60 minute shows (CSI is, of course, exempted from this statement). Not necessarly better acted. Just written.

Working more overtime this week. It's insane. Two hrs every day and this Saturday is six hours manditory. ugggggh. Ain't even worth the money, after the Government gets their paws on my cash.

Weigh in tomorrow....we'll see how this goes. Last week was PMS, so i also got .2lbs gain.

.2lbs?! what the heck?!

Ah, in the old days, it would be at least maintained. But nooooo...let's have digital scales.

Mother-in-law is doing ok...they will be moving her to a different wing of the hospital that will begin PT for strength. Then, off to a nursing home for more PT. After that, who knows. i feel she needs to be in a place where she's not alone at night...where if she forgets to put her oxygen hose back on, a nurse can come check on her, instead of my MIL calling her Lifeline, who in turn calls my sister-in-law, so she can come over to MIL's. A 15 minute drive. Not long, but forever when you can't breathe.

Have a good Thursday. It's gonna be one long weekend.

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doodlebugmom said...

Oh never should have had that sip of water! lol .2 thats just nuts!

Prayers for your MIL and the whole family