Mar 7, 2006

didja think i fell off the Earth?


Husband went to Reno to visit his he took the laptop. i was absolutely LOST without it. ahhh....but it's back. and so is he.

Thanks to all of you for asking 'bout my M-I-L, it's been a long, strange trip. This time last week, i wouldn't have taken the bet that she would last the week.


She went in for congestive heart failure...too much fluid on her body & needs to be drained. She seemed to be doing better, then had a stroke Wednesday night. A full-blown stroke. A horrible, not good, very bad thing.

Then she pulled out of it. Absolutely amazing.

I've decided that Death keeps knocking at her door, but she thinks it's a door-to-door salesman and won't answer. Despite the fact that she constantly says she wants to die.

So, my husband flew out last weekend. Doing well, and better than she was last week. She could be released by the end of the week, and then will be moved into a convalescent home for PT.

Absolutely amazing.

i'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your prayers & good karma. My sister & family appreciate it more than i can ever express.

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doodlebugmom said...

I was being to wonder about you. I am glad you're back. Prayers continuing for your MIL and all the family.

Do you know you still have the longest word verification of any blog! I always get it wrong at least once :/