Mar 21, 2006

mi vida loca...

it's crazy at work.

crazy, nutty, insane.

like, in @ 6:30a.m. & out @ 5:45p.m.

that's p.m., as in pretty messed up.

my job, involves ensuring that my department is clear on all ads for the yellow pages that are going to the printer on any particular day. usually, it's not too crazy, but right now we have about 6 directories going to press, and three of them are our largest books.

crazy, nutty, koo-koo.

and there's no end in the immediate future. most likely, i'm looking at about 10 hrs days and 6 hr Saturdays.

good thing i love my job.

so forgive me if postings are few, or even worse, more disjointed than usual.

but right now, i'm having a mini vacation - watching Rachel Ray's "$40 a day" on Food Network, and she's in San Diego.

i so love San Diego. B lived there when we started dating, and believe me, it was a BIG selling point in dating him. (JK honey!)

oh, and by the way, Rachel is in the Old Town Mexican Cafe - and their food totally rocks!!
makes me jonesing for some killer Mexican food.

in other news...

mother in law is steadily, but slowly improving. she's in the rehab center, and my SIL & i are gonna make some HUGE scrapbook pages of her family, B & i for MIL's room. hey, i may even add my furbaby to a layout. she digs cats, anyways.

feeling strangely creative, especially since they already announced the HOF winners & runners up. the list of honorable mentions was insane. didn't see any names i recognized from either the CKMB or 2Peas. which is OK, i'm still licking my wounds. :o)

here's what i've done lately...there's more, i just didn't take pictures of 'em.

gotta call some friends before they either A) stop talking to me or B) declare me missing.

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