Mar 30, 2006

Dr. Evil has stolen my mojo!

damn that Dr. Evil.

he's stolen my scrapbooking mojo.

what he's gonna do with it, i have no idea.

it just took me almost two hours to do a two page layout. and they ain't that great.

come on.

could it be because this is the first week where i haven't worked ten hour days every day.

oh, and six hours on Saturdays.

so maybe it's not Dr. Evil. maybe it's nothing more than just some plain old tiredness.

or maybe i need my own telethon: help restore Valerie's mojo.

give generously - that we may cure scrappers' block in our lifetime.

1 comment:

Jules said...

These things just happen...but the well is not dry...the rope is just stuck with the bucket in the bottom of the well.

What I do is pull a challenge out of my challenge jar (I made one and stuffed it with ideas and things I'd never think to an all white bkg. or 5 pics on a page or no pics layout)and just do it. It may not be the best ever but it usually jars that rope lose!