Jun 1, 2008

welcome back to the real world.

so even with the drama of layoffs on Thursday, the rest of my birthday did get better.

i got home before the B-man, who had a 'conversation,' with a prospective employer (apparently they are very afraid of commitment, so it can't be an interview.), who thought they might be able to create a position for him.

just not right now.

well thank you very much, that'll work out just fine because i need a job, but just not right now.

hmmmm. apparently age has not lessened my sarcasm.

moving on...

the Husband came home after stopping at a grocery store with some red roses, a bottle of chardonnay, Caesar salad, vanilla cupcakes and tiramasu and frozen mac and cheese.

this guy gets me.

i got to sit on my butt, licking my wounds from the earlier fun of the day while he broiled some steaks, tossed salad (in the good way) and heated the mac & cheese.

oh and don't forget the wine.

my dinner was served and i ate like the chunky, non-Weight Watcher chick i am. i talked to April and Kristie, the former thinks she should talk to me more often when i'm drunk.
(i didn't want to burst her bubble, but honey, that was nothing.)

in short, my birthday was a lot like life. kinda roller coaster-y. big build ups, pee in the pants as you roll down a hill to your certain death, and the whole time laughing.

or maybe that's just me.

in either case - while it's not fun, it's life. it's the only shot we get, unless you subscribe to reincarnation, but personally, i don't want to come back as a bunny rabbit on my path to enlightenment.

i know too many people that would be after me, looking to see me in their pot. braising. and i'm just not cool with that.

what can i say - living agrees with me.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad your day got better. Mac and cheese sounds so good! Guess I'll have to save me some points to eat some soon!

skrpndiva said...

I wish my hubby would 'get' it!


Allison said...

Man... I missed your birthday? Living without the internet in complete isolation sucks!