Jun 6, 2008

iiiiiiiiiiiiiii've just gotta ce-le-brateeeeeee....

time to be gettin' do-wn wid mah own funky self.

jump back!!!

this year, we have gone from dual income-no kids, to dual-income-on-the-Government's-dime-no-kids.

and now i'm back to dual income no kids. no Government allowed.

he got a job.

yes, there is joy in Mudville. the Mighty Casey struck a home run.

can i possibly think of any other euphoniums? give me time.

this job is at one of the places i had said were commitment phobes; it wasn't an 'interview,' just 'chatting.' it reminds me of dating, i said. remember, i added, no one has a second date with anyone that puts out on the first one.

apparently he listened.

he had a second inter...chat this week.
they offered him a position.
he asked to think about it over night.

see? he is trying to kill me.

we talked. i lovingly told him if he didn't take it, i would hurt him. badly. then he decided to 'negotiate.'

oh great googly moogly.

his offer was, since he's on my insurance, could he instead take that money the company would be spending anyway and get a little more pay?

at this point, i was on the floor frothing at the mouth. and again, if you mess this up, i will not only hurt you but i may hurt you to death.

lovingly, of course.

the guy went for it. Brendan starts Wednesday. i think i heard angels singing.

the only drawback? i gotta go back to my very unprincessy ways. you see, while he was off, he would do things around the house: dishwasher, bathrooms, vacuum, laundry. (but not the litter box. apparently he couldn't smell nor see the toxic cloud wafting from the room it's in.)

duuuuude. laundry.

i got kinda used to this princess way of life. i'm gonna miss it.

but i like him employed so much better.


Pat said...

Congratulations, that is very good news!

Melissa said...

Yay yay yay yay!

Mama P said...

This is so great! Congrats~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can hire someone to do the dishes now and call it a day!

skrpndiva said...