Jun 30, 2008

drunks: a never ending source of entertainment.

if you've ever drank, or gone out with people who have, or even watched most sitcoms, you've see 'em: the one drunk in the group who is so gone, so completely out of it, that it's a dang good reason to a) not drink or b) start drinking harder.

and then there's c) comedy.

there are a lot of people out there, mostly girls, that cannot hold their liquor. they either run the gambit of entertaining or pathetic...and yes, they can be both.

Saturday night was entertaining.

Brendan & i drove down to San Clemente, about 35-40 minutes from our casa. his old boss from San Diego was in one of his many bands (this guy is either forming, or joining a band every two years) and was playing.

we had a table near the stage, and, next to us, was two of our finest: Marines from nearby Pendleton.

i don't know when this other group showed up, but there was about four of them, all girls, and one was completely wasted.

she would get up near the stage, shaking her money maker and pulling on her top just enough to see her belly ring AND her tat on the back. dancing by herself.

to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, any time you see a drunk girl dancing by herself, you know her top's coming off before the end of the evening.

at one point, she plopped herself down at the Marines table and eventually pulled one of them, reluctantly, onto the dance floor.

and why she thought it was a good idea, we will never know, but she did a cartwheel.

on the dance floor.

right into the speaker.

we about laughed ourselves into a stupor. right or wrong, it was funny. she wasn't hurt, got right up and probably would've tried it again, but her friends pulled her over to their table.

and you know that Sunday morning, when she woke up, she would wonder how she got those bruises on her face...and a hangover that just won't quit.


doodlebugmom said...

I made friends with a drunk on the shuttle bus last weekend. He was cute,had eyelashes I would kill for! but about 20! He wanted my gum (that I was chewing....ewww). But he didn't forget me, everytime I saw him later (sober) he said hi.

Melissa said...

And just where was your camera? That would've made a great YouTube video!

Tug said...

Oh, I used to drunk-watch all the time in Vegas - how I miss it so!

Sounds like you had a good time - good to hear!!

Anonymous said...

I simply do not want to read of you being down in my neck of the woods and not leaving early enough so that you have a chance to stop by for a drink or a hello or whatever. I won't have it!