Jun 9, 2008

i'll remember all you little people.

it happened.

i got the letter.

Gentle Reader, this:

is officially entry number 176 in this year's Orange County Fair amateur photography contest.


out of 2700 entries, i made a cut.

holy freaking crap. i'm highern a coffee junkie on a double espresso.

holy freaking crap.

the Husband says, 'well, will you be disappointed if you don't win?'

hell no. i'll be devastated.

but if i do win....i'll remember all you little people, even as i squish you like little bugs on my way to the top.

so kidding.

so freaked out.

so going to the Fair.

July's gonna be a long, long ways away.



Melissa said...

Squee! I knew you'd make the cut! Now there's no stopping you!

Doug Bagley said...

Good job! Love the picture. Good luck.

Tug said...

Catching up here chickadee - LOVE the haircut!!! YAY ON THE PHOTO FAIR FUN!! (told ya' so, told ya' so, na ner na ner na ner)

DoubleTRIPLE YAY on the job for B!!!

Jeff(creationsbyjeff) said...

That is way cool for you Lady! Man Have I got some catching up to do!

Steff said...

I am not surprised one bit! That is an awesome photograph. :)

Pat said...

Your photo is amazing! You should not only win a blue ribbon, but should be crowned queen!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I have a great pic of a dragonfly that I was able to take...should submit that one of these years. Wouldn't even know how to go about it! Congrats my friend!


Susie Q said...

LOve this image...LOVE you! I am so proud of you! You are a talented chick ain't ya?
You HAVE to win.
I wish i was so brave as to enter mine in anything!