Jun 7, 2008

time for a change. again.

had a sleep-over last night @ Kristie's. what originally was just going to be a computer fix, but turned into an slumber-party-let's-do-makeup-and-go-to-Target-to-get-pyjamas thing.

which then turned into a pizza-party-scrapbook-shopping-rock-shoveling party!

i know how to live!
like i said, originally we were going up to have pizza and fix her daughter's computer, which had gotten itself some viruses. by the time we finished, Brendan decided it was too much of a pain to drive back home (they live about an hour or so from us), so a slumber party ensued.
but before i can have a slumber party, dang it, i need my supplies.

* clean underoos
* mascara
* toothbrush
* pyjamas

and yes, that is in order of importance. off to Target.
this morning brought a breakfast of donuts and cold pizza and rock shoveling. Kristie had some cottonwood trees around her place, then came to find out that cottonwoods like water. so much so they will grow their roots into and through anything to get it.

including septic tanks. which they have.

so rather than risk replacing the system, Kristie had the trees removed, then got some rock delivered to cover up the stumps after she applied stump remover to them. Brendan helped rake and shove rock, along with Kristie & her kids, while i got to play Pretty Pretty Princess and supervise.

then the 15 year old and i went scrapbook shopping. after that, it was back down the hill to make our hair appointments @ 1:30.

yep. we made it.

now for years, i've had the same color & cut. i love 'em both, but Debbie, my stylist (ooooh. so Hollywood-esque) said today, 'so i was thinking....'
gah. i love it when she says that. i'm in for some fun.

so before, i looked like this:

love it. it's really easy to keep up with. (note also the beginning of the wattle)

but now... (drum roll please)

(note the very skillful way i hide the wattle)

you don't see the blond bits, but they're there. so's the wattle.

i'm liking it. (the hair, not the wattle.) a kicky new 'do, perf for the summer and the beach and maybe for meeting that special someone.

looks like i'll be at Seal Beach with my copies of Seventeen, Tiger Beat and Mademoiselle.

have a bitchin' summer.


skrpndiva said...

Looks bitchin' dudette!

Glad you had fun!

Allison said...


And P.S. You already have that special someone. So if you meet one, send him my way! lol.

Pat said...

Look at you Miss Glamour girl!
Love it, love it, love it!

doodlebugmom said...

lovin the new do!

Melissa said...

The hair - it is marvelous! And it looks like it'll be easier to keep up in the summer too. My sister recently did a similar stying change, in anticipation of a missions trip where she won't have much access to styling stuff. I love it!

Jeff(creationsbyjeff) said...

Liking the change. Now you just have to worry about getting carded.

Valerie said...

bless you.

now get your eyes checked.

Susie Q said...

How did I miss this!!! I LOVE the do babe! You look great! Truly!
And you do have the best eyes and brows too...face it sweetie. You ARE a babe.