Jun 23, 2008

little bit of this and that...

because i do wander...both physically AND mentally...here's my latest thoughts.

'sides, it's been WAY too hot to write coherently. not only that, but the power cord on our computer is giving us fits, so we ran out of juice. niiiice.

that explanation out of the way, here's some rambling. enjoy.
  • as cool as the Beatles are, have you ever listened to some of their later stuff? i mean, what the heck does 'Polythene Pam' about anyway?
  • some mornings, i look at myself in the mirror and i think, man - i really look good, especially for a broad my age. then i wake up.
  • nothing new on the layoffs at work. most of the time, i think i'll really be OK and will survive this. then, the demons inside my brain wake up and start trashing the place.
  • would you call this a block? i wanna play with my Cricut and all the new toys, but dagnabbit, i can't think of anything i want to do or play with.
  • i'm learning to play guitar...on Guitar Hero for my DS. good grief. see, as a kid, i sold Christmas cards and earned prizes. naturally, this being the 70s, i got a guitar. and tried to learn to play. i sucked at it then, i still suck now.
  • went to the Irish Fair over the weekend, and got a coin with a four leaf clover on one side, and 'a lucky 4 leaf clover for you.' it was made in China. does that mean i get the luck or it was lucky for the person who made it?
  • photo judging for my photo in the OC Fair is Wednesday. if i get 1st, i will get a phone call, probably next week. my fingernails should be nubs by then. oh, but if i get 2nd, 3rd or nothing at all...well, i gotta wait until the bloody fair starts. in.July. on the 11th. good grief.
  • speaking of, i think i'm gonna drive the people in the photo section crazy, with all my questions. perhaps i should've warned 'em that i'm anal and like to know every.freaking.detail. of everything that's gonna happen. drives Brendan crazy, especially when, before we got married, i was asking him how we were gonna sign our Christmas cards.
  • no i am not kidding.
  • i've been taking glucosamine and drinking joint juice a lot lately, hoping to get my 46 year old joints looser, but, instead of looking and feeling like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, i'm more like the Tin Man before he got introduced to the oil can. maybe i need to introduce myself to a can of STP?
  • and to top it off, i got an email on, well, ass rimming. whatever that it.
remember - it's my world. y'all are invited for the ride.


doodlebugmom said...

I took guitar lessons in 7th grade...a total waste of time. I was more worried about my fingernails in 7th grade then my (lack of) talent.

skrpndiva said...

Might I just say that you are totally random! See, that's the 80s in me ... totally, and the now in me ... random. Like how I did that. Seeing what I did there?


Melissa said...

Dang - that was random.

I'll see if we have any STP in my dad's shop, m'kay?