Jun 9, 2008

he's dead, dontcha know.

the conversation at Arby's went something like this, as James Taylor's 'Fire & Rain,' played in the background.

'what a waste. he was so young and talented.'

'what are you talking about??'

'Jim Croce. he was only in his 30s when he died in that plane crash.'


'Jim Cro-che. the guy singing.'

'um...that's James Taylor, and he's very much alive, thank you very much.'

apparently the rumors of his death were highly exaggerated as well.


doodlebugmom said...

Dude! I love James Taylor and Jim Croce.

Melissa said...

I would SO cry if JT was dead - I spent many a lonely night bouncing the notes "Sweet Baby James" off the low ceiling of our basement laundry room back in college.

Jeff said...

I was just going to say...he looked in pretty good health when we saw him in concert last year. Not in his 30s but still pretty good;)