Jul 1, 2008

V - Queen of the Disco.

Gentle Reader - i'd like to introduce you to someone. all hail the new me:


V is hip. she is edgy. she only refers to herself in the third person.
she endeavors to be an Award Winning Photographer, but as yet has to hear from the people who could make her an Award Winning Photographer...damn them all to hades.

(and if you are from the fair, reading this...so kidding)

V don't take no guff from anyone. V doesn't have to. V is confident in her own abilities and can make you as confident in yourself as she is in you. V has that kind of power.

V never shirks from any challenge. she succeeds, or if she doesn't then she will try again until she does. and even after that if she fails, well, it had to have been someone else's fault, because V did all she could.

V is usually full of it. obviously.

on our way down to San Clemente Saturday, for the Drunken Cartwheel Competition, i created V, mostly to amuse Brendan...which it did.

V likes to make others laugh.

V is also a way to calm my freaked out butt down.
i swear, i'm making myself bi-polar, between worrying about whether or not i'm getting laid off and whether or not the fair is going to call.


but why, you may ask, is V the Queen of the Disco? easy.
V would never buy these, but Valerie did.
the Donny & Marie show AND the Hardy Boys Mysteries. both on dvd.
Sunday night, i relived my high school era. only the good parts, not the holy-crap-i-am-gonna-fail-math-and-WHY-doesn't-David-Hunter-know-i'm-alive? parts.

so while V, all hip & edgy, would never be caught dead with those dvds in her collection (V prefers documentaries on dead artists), Valerie the Geek will be caught with em.

and - loving it.

in other news....
MAD props to Kristie - it is her birthday after all. happy birthday girl, and i hope you love the present your girl made you...believe me when i say there's blood sweat and tears in that thing.

and Linda? you'll be OK. prayers for you and here's hoping for a fast, pain-free recovery. try to relax, heal and make the kids take care of you! sheesh!


Anonymous said...

V scares the hell out of me! lol

V wants George and can't have him. For, you see, J gets George and J takes no prisoners!


Tug said...

YOU.GO.V! Everyone needs an alter-ego, enjoy yours.

Mama P said...

Go V Go! Love the rollercoaster picture. Did you take it?

doodlebugmom said...

Yup, I did ok. Cept one little bout of tears, but McDreamy-blue-eyed-anesthiologist. hugged me and didn't let go til we go to the OR...than he stabbed me in the back! haha

Valerie said...

dearest mama p:
yepper. guilty as charged. i leaned out of our car as we drove by Knott's Berry Farm (we live across the street and actually got married there!)and just got lucky.


Melissa said...

Long live V, Queen of the Disco!