Jul 14, 2008


he went to an auto parts swap meet out in Pomona yesterday; Pomona is about 40 minutes from us, and sits next to what we call mountains out here.

it gets hot out there. Africa hot. and lately here tis been hot AND humid. what a lovely combination! it's like getting poison oak AND an infection down there.

and girls, you know what i mean.

he came home looking like he should be on a plate with some lemon wedges and lotsa drawn butter.

i didn't go, i stayed home and had the fun of laundry. i was gonna play with some stuff, but it was just too dang humid in that room to do that, so, i let him have the fun.

new one here. happy monday, y'all.


katarinas mama said...

still giggling at the poison oak reference...we're hot AND smoke-filled out here...

Melissa said...

Way back when Little AM was just a wee babe, we went with the church to FLA. Jason asked for sunscreen, but I somehow only put it on a square-ish portion of his back. He was so red - one of the teens with us said he was slightly tempted to chase him down the beach with some melted butter!

(I didn't put on sunscreen at all, and ended up with a rather red d├ęcolletage (guess it was the area closest to the sun, and shaded the rest of me.)

As for Anna Marie - we slathered her in sunscreen, and it worked beautifully.