Jul 7, 2008

i lost some days.

what did YOU do this weekend?
if it involved anything other than spending it in car dealerships, my hat's off to you.

we started the Glorious Fourth at a restaurant with my parental units and our Special Guest: my stepbrother, in town to visit his mom in San Diego, then his dad (my step-pop), then a road trip to Nevada to see a friend and visit wine country and bunches of other fun stuff.

off we went.

i do believe we've been to every Honda dealer in our local area...some of them B went to without me.

we've looked at cars a-plenty. driven some. heck, we even made a game of it: how long does it take before the sales weasels, er...staff hit us up. one dealership, it took over a minute. at another, it took 15 seconds.

15 seconds. i won that one.

it's possible he's narrowed it down to one, but he left work for awhile to take it to a repair place his friend recommended, in order to have it checked out.

so there could be a new-to-us car in our future. not to mention new-to-us-car-payments.

oh well.

i have to laugh, i think my boy is having a mini midlife crisis. he's insisting that this car have leather interior and a moon roof.

hmmm...beats the hell out of wine, women and song. but - he's diabetic, so no wine for him. women, well - he's married so that's out. that just leaves song...

he can have the leather and moon roof.


Tug said...

I hate car salespeople - I once called & talked to K's answering machine just long enough to get off the lot! Good luck!!

skrpndiva said...

Ah, new car shopping. Fun! NOT!

Good luck with that.


smileymamaT said...

Hey girl!
Long time no visit. Jeesh where have I been ... had to back and catch up a bit.
Yeah, he can have a moon roof.. I had one in 1991 so I'm over it :) but as soon as those kids are grown and I can unload that minivan, WOOT! back to a fun car. And maybe a moon roof.

Allison said...

I spent the day on the lake, and now look like a lobster.

Melissa said...

Is it going to be a hybrid? If I had a choice, with these prices, mine would be!

Valerie said...

i promise to keep all melted butter and tongs away from you, sweetie.

doodlebugmom said...

Aaron is looking for a "new" vehicle. He sold his to a guy he works with, its going to be a demolision derby car! Ask Allison how well it stands up to dogs! :o)