Jul 14, 2008

well then.


we went to the fair the other day. Brendan got in the building before i did(see what happens when you stop to talk to people?) and it took me a few minutes to find him...and my photo.

with no ribbon.

that does sound egotistical, doesn't it? oh well.

we have friends coming out later this month, so we'll be going again, but just on the first glance, it seemed to me that the ones that did win, were huge.

some of the biggest prints i've ever seen.

maybe bigger is better. hey - it certainly worked for all the Super-Size Meals.

y'know - i was surprised...not that i didn't get a ribbon, but at my own reaction to not getting a ribbon. i had been so nervous prior to us going that i thought i would fall apart if i didn't win.

could that mean i'm actually more grown up than i thought i was? finally - after 46 years on this planet, i've matured?

naaah. besides - there's always next year.


katarinas mama said...

So sorry...my girls and I loved the ladybug! Bigger = better, eh? Hmmm...shouldn't be that way in art...on the other hand, for us curvier girls, the formula works well.

doodlebugmom said...

You are a winner in my book!

Tug said...

This was your first, right? I hated my first (OK, not talking about photos, but STILL).

Hang in there - you're an awesome photographer - and yes, there's always next year!!

Susie Q said...

You are a brilliant photog and have the eye and the gift for ths art form.
Bigger is not better, well, unless...nah. NOt even that unless we are talkibg about big guy, Brian Dennehy...now, what was I saying? OH! The image should be judged on it's merits but some go by bigger and a fancy mat or something goofy like that. Phooey.
You will win another time. At least you have had the guts to enter one. Me? Nope...not yeat at least.

In my book, you win the blue ribbon!