May 29, 2008

every drop of rain...

you know that old saw: every drop of rain holds a rainbow?

they were so full of it.

today, Gentle Reader, is my birthday. i say this not to cultivate best wishes of the day or whatever, just to set the tone for the story.

for starters, i woke up freezing around 3a.m., with a nasty headache. freezing, because HogBoy had stolen all the blankies, leaving me with a thin sheet & blanket.

then, as i got in the shower, i discovered we had no hot water.
not a drop.
nor a note from management stating that there would be no hot water.

i seriously considered just being a stinky girl. then, remembering it is my 46th year on this earth, i though if i do that, people would say i'm homeless and try to give me money, or a trip to the shelter.

so i shivered through the shower. suck it up, baby, just suck it up.

but, i did get a birthday card saying "Princess Today. Princess Tomorrow. Princess Forever."
princesses do not have to suck it up. especially when it comes to warm showers.

nice cards. nice gifts. my boss forgot it was my birthday. we ordered Mexican for lunch and had root beer floats for dessert.

then the rug got pulled out.

they announced at work that we will be having layoffs in our department. soon. like next month.

well, happy flipping birthday to me.

on the other hand...George Clooney is on the market.

well, whaddya know. there is a rainbow in every drop of rain.

if i could just make sure it's rain and not something else.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday (again!). It's been "raining" at my place too - that's going to be one heck of a rainbow!

Pat said...

Oh dear, May your raindrops always be warm, and may the angel of layoffs always bypass your desk!

Here's an unsolicited Happy Birthday from me, and I'll race you to the front of the line for the Clooney wagon!

Tug said...

Happy Happy ValDay!! Are you in line possibly for layoff? GOOD thoughts & prayers to you...

I highly suggest playing homeless person - got a guitar case to set out? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry Dear...I wish you a very happy belated birthday, but gorgeous George left Sarah for ME!


Susie Q said...

OH sweet Valerie. I missed your day...I could shoot myself.
I will do something for you o blog now. Please know I send greetings and hugs and love even when I am later than crap. I am SO sorry.


Valerie said...

oh stop. stop, stop, stop. it just makes for the never ending birthday!!