May 20, 2008

bitchin' and moanin' and pissin' and whinin'...

  • i somehow managed to pull my neck muscle in the shower this a.m. no left turns for me today.
  • Brendan took his final for his class tonight. dagnabbit, there goes my one sweet night to be an obnoxious snot-hole and do whatever i want. (like that's different from any other night)
  • the other boy in our birthday dinner club from work has finally chosen a place and date for his birthday dinner...three weeks after his birthday. he had all these excuses that he was trying to find a date that worked for everyone (um, funny, he never asked what date was good for B or myself), he was SO busy (wait. you don't have kids, wife OR girlfriend, so that means you were booked playing Dungeons & Dragons), THEN he admits that there was parking lot construction going on at his apartment, and if he didn't get home right after work, he would have to park on the street. *shudder* i volunteered to pick him up and take him. he said 'oh that's not necessary, they finished construction last Friday.' dork.
  • CT scan next month for Step-pop. fingers crossed they don't find anything and that a change of meds is all it needs.
  • girlie's boyfriend smacked up his toe, and not in a good way. prayers that he gets to keep it for a good, long time.
  • 46. it's right around the corner. daaaaaaaaamn.
  • wattle's still there.
  • Husband tells me i can get plastic surgery. i say nope, if i'm having surgery it's to get the lapband, then surgery to righty-tighty all that loose skin from all the weight i'm gonna lose. then i run to the bathroom to see if the wattle got bigger. it hadn't.
  • praise be, it's cool again. we had almost a week of 90+ degree heat. today, cloudy. cool. breezy. just the way i likes it.

boo freaking hoo. PMS anyone?


Anonymous said...

YES. Thank goodness for cooler weather. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for sun, but 100 degrees in May is a tad ridiculous.


Tug said...

Sweetie, I've been 46 for MONTHS. ;-)

PMS? Aunt Flo is FINALLY calming down a little (can you say VENGENGE??) after - ready for this? FOUR WEEKS.

Many good thoughts & prayers for the toe & the CT scan!

doodlebugmom said...

I love reading your blog!