May 16, 2008

well, isn't THAT special.

so i came home from Vegas with either a) a cold or b) a bad allergy to all the smoke in the casino.

when i got home, my mom told me that while i was gone, my step-pop fell off a stair at one of her quilting cronie's home. there was lots of blood.

of course, my mom sometimes gets hysterical and doesn't see things totally in perspective. my stepfather, is by nature, a good bleeder. but believe me when i tell you that he did NOT need stitches and the CT scan saw no additional injuries to his brain.

in other words, they scanned his brain and didn't find nuttin. HA! i've always wanted to use that joke.

again, i don't understand why someone couldn't have told me while i was there. i know there was nothing i could do, but still i like to know these things.


after we got home, my friend (the one i went to Vegas with) had her mom take a tumble.

parents. what are ya gonna do?


we had a potluck today for our work group's May birthdays. that would be Jeff and Patrick. notice someone was missing? oh yeah. me.

when my boss set this up, he said it would be for Jeff & Patrick. i'm not about to tell him that it's also MY birthday at the end of the month. oh well.

he's a ding-dong anyway.

moving on...

we came home from dinner tonight to the melodic strains of a drunk arguing.

'listen to ME!!!' she says.

'shut yer mouth.' he says.

ah. be it ever so humble, there's no place like the drunk tank.

happy weekend, y'all.


Anonymous said...

You are too too funny. I've missed your humor.


Tug said...

I would totally be singing happy birthday to myself at opportune times from now until your birthday, just to rub it in. ;-)

Hope the tumblers are OK...

Melissa said...

Are those two STILL at it? Sheesh - they're like Pam and Tommy Lee or something!

Glad you got back OK - I hope your allergies/cold/whatnot get better.

Valerie said...

Pam & Tommy Lee possibly. i do, however, know i do NOT want to see either of 'em nekkid, much less um..getting down.