May 3, 2008


People magazine came out this week with it's 100 Most Beautiful issue. It has the usual suspects in it: George Clooney. Angelina Jolie. Patrick Dempsey. Halle Berry.

Missing? Me.

I was supposed to be in a section, aptly named 'Hot Blogger Babes and Dudes.' It was right between the pieces on Kate Hudson and Taylor Swift. For whatever reason, the section didn't make the cut this year. Something about going green, concerns about the environment, conserving paper, blah, blah, blah.


So - reprinted with absolutely no permission, here it is. My People interview.

People - So thanks again for taking the time to sit with us.

Me - Oh, no problem. My pleasure!

P - Now, for starters, how old are you again?

M - (playfully swats at reporter and laughs) Come on. Didn't your momma teach you that it's not polite to ask someone their name?

P - (also laughing) Yeah, you're right.


P - So how old are you?

M - (sighing) 45. 46 at the end of the month.

P - (surprised) Really? That's don't look older than my mom.

M - That...that's great. How old is your mom?

P - 45.

M - (befuddled)

P - (pleased with himself, feeling like he's made a connection with his subject) So! Moving on - what's the one beauty item you'd have to have on a desert island.

M - (thinking) Ummmm.....let's see...I'd have to say Burt's Bees lip balm. I hate it when my lips feel dry and puffy.

P - Yeah. I like that stuff, too. OK, next - you're running late in the morning, what's the one beauty thing...

M - ...and mascara. I LOVE mascara...Cover Girl's Lash Blast is my favorite right now. Oh! And Clinique's mineral makeup...maybe some blush, 'cuz I'm sooooo whiiiiite. And of course there's some Urban Decay eyeshadow and Benefit's Bad Gal eyeliner...

P - OK, ummm...that's more than one item. It kinda negates the idea of the 'one item/desert island' question.

M - Well, I am 45. Remember?

P - (exasperated) Well then. Moving you have a beauty secret?

M - Secret? What secret? I just told you. You think I can just get up in the morning and look like this?

P - Whatever. Look, you got a beauty secret or not?

M - Baby wipes.

P - Excuse me?

M - Baby wipes. I wash my face with baby wipes for sensitive skin. They're great.

P - (shaking head) OK. Moving on again...what was your worst beauty moment?

M - The 80's.

P - (pleased with the answer) That's great...when?

M - The whole decade. I mean, come on: pink eyeshadow with shocking blue eyeliner and to top it off: bright yellow highlighter? Oy.

Things kinda went downhill after that. The reporter left our abode muttering something about I was crazy, he should've taken the job at the New Yorker, and that he was late to interview Tammy Faye.

It took a couple of hours before I realized she had died last year.

Oh well. There's always next year.

Stay tuned. Next week I'm writing about the time I was on The Mike Douglas Show.


Tug said...

Desert Island? I need nothin' but sunscreen.

and a cold beer. (Yes it IS a beauty product - I'm a smilie drunk, & smiles are beautiful. so there.)

skrpndiva said...

OMG, you haven't made me laugh like this in a very long time.


Pat said...

LOL! Much more fun than anything that's really been published in People!

wendster said...

LOVE the interview! Very clever. Do you know they left my photo out for several years in a row now. I've sent it in faithfully year after year. Ahhh ... the fate of the "unknown blogger".

And your comment on my nekkid gardening post cracked me up!

'where the hell's the hoe?'

Oh my gosh. I can see that you are a CARD!!! I'm gonna have to come back here again, that's for sure.

Congratulations on getting the vacation time for Vegas. And welcome to my blog.

Nice to meet ya!

Wendy bo bendy

(or, as two year old Gracie on the East Coast has nicknamed me: Wenderilla in Cinderella ... not Godzilla.)

Melissa said...

Well, I think they should've let ME interview you - I could've done a better job!

Some journalists just don't have "it" do they?

Steff said...

Dumb boy...doesn't he know that make-up counts as one thing anyway?!

Seriously, Valerie...that totally made my night! Today was such a Monday type day and I needed a laugh. You girl...funny!

Kenny said...

Yep...ripped into my copy only to find me missing as well. Double checked through the 100 just to see if they decided to include me in another Hottest Paper Shuffler or Hottest Scooter-Wanter. But no. Our time shall come.

Susie Q said...

Yeah...I was really PO'd to see my name left off the list. Then I fully expected to see you and what? No you.
But I am so glad you shared the interview with us. I too am a Baby Wipes loved. Comes in real handy on long plane rides. And short car trips. And they work well on food stains too. On clothes, not faces.

You so make me giggle...