May 13, 2008

Viva Lost Wages.

we be back.

i'm still poor.

my friend's grandma celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday. she won more on the slots than i did.

i did, however, win myself a lovely head cold.

i am still in my pyjamas while others of our traveling party are at work. (neeener, neener, neeeee-ner!)

photos will follow...soon as i feel better.


Melissa said...

This would've been a lovely day for me to stay in, as it is currently raining - again!

Glad you made it back, but sad to hear you didn't hit the jackpot (so you would never again have to return to work!)

Steff said...

Just out of that duck walking on water?!?!

skrpndiva said...

oh oh, head cold, not good. I feel myself coming down with something and I'm defo not happy about it!