Oct 1, 2008

on the next day...

after the fun and frivolity of Monday, came Tuesday.

with Tuesday came more fun.

daily, we have an 8:30 meeting where we talk about what's paging that day, how many are incomplete and waiting and how we can meet our schedules. and dang near every meeting, the waiting tables team (after sales sells an ad for the phone book, it gets processed so they can get paid, then it comes into 'waiting' and has to be installed into the graphics computer system before we can create the ad...or send it to the overseas vendor.), when asked how they look for the waiting numbers give blank stares.

or better yet - say they can get 'em cleared, but they don't know who to contact.

really? you've been doing this job for how many years?

and then, when they do get their reports cleared, they are practically carried around on shoulders and strewn with praises.

i get asked if i'm doing my job.

bitter? you bet. i've been at this place for over 20 years. i've survived a merger, a spin-off and countless layoffs. i've been doing this job for at least five years, maybe more.

don't ask if i know how to do my job. ask the other guys.

but yesterday, after our status meeting, one of my compadres stopped me, and started talking to our supervisor and i. Gentle Reader, she let it all hang out - which is nothing new, she is good at ranting.

i'm good, but not that good. my problem is i get so wound up, i start crying. that ticks me off, because i feel that, sometimes with men, they just look at a frustrated crying woman as a crying woman. just emotional. and since our supervisor is a man, well...you can do the math.

my compadre, however, had no such emotional baggage. she laid it all out, how wrong it all is - how can we work any harder than we are, how, what, why...

45 minutes worth.
she does like to talk. pray she never runs for office.

our supervisor is frustrated, too - no one knows what to do.

a big saying around my work is, 'let it break so we can fix it.' well, it's broken. it needs fixing.

before i break.

in other news -

i took off early yesterday and the Husband and i skittled over to Knott's Berry Farm for a few hours. i got free tickets from a friend at work, and originally we planned to go on Sunday, but, being the weekend and all, Husband thought mid-week might be better.

oh yeah. much better. we walked on to rides that can run an hour wait...especially water rides on hot days.

and yesterday was a hot day.

there were water rides a-plenty. and it was goooooood.

the blisters, not so much.

i never get blisters...well, hardly ever - and yesterday, apparently my tender tootsies were a-suffering. we went to first aid and got bandaids to cover the spots.

didn't work.

when we left, i pulled off my shoes and felt instant relief.

the bummer is, it was sooooo hot yesterday, it was too hot to sleep. my bad knee was killing me. my blistered heels felt tender.

to quote the Stones, what a drag it is, getting old.

it was so hot last night, my bed felt like i was on top of an electric blanket-set on high. it's Fall, for gosh's sake. it should be cool. crisp. not freaking hot and sweaty. today will be no different.


but today is another day, Scarlett. i'm trying to change my attitude - maybe it'll help.

if not, it ought to make for another cranky-ass post.


doodlebugmom said...

Hot there? Then I won't tell you I had ice on my windshield this morning.

Pat said...

I can SO relate to your work related stresses - hubby and DD both work for a phone-book company as well, and the story sounds VERY familiar.
(...As in, we have all heard it so much that my son feels we should ALL be on the payroll! - BTW, I am not anymore - they laid me off for a second time, not going for 3)
...Anyway, sometimes you just gotta get out of there - good for you for doing just that!

Melissa said...

I HATE staff meetings, but thankfully we only have them once a week. I always get so uptight and nervous before I have to give my "spiel" and feel like I have to justify some of my story ideas.

Take care of those tootsies, Toots!