Oct 2, 2008

maybe i should call it random bitching.

except that i promised
myself that i wouldn't complain about...that place.

for today at least.

i keep thinking about going on vacation. we haven't been on one since my back surgery and dang would it be killer to go on one.

we've been on some fun ones. DisneyWorld. Arizona. Michagan.

we've done road trips, gone to wineries and of course visited friends and family.

and of course, the places i'd like to see grows. call it a bucket list.

(well, duh.)
*Canada (we were going to Victoria, BC for our honeymoon, until someone told me that it rains in October. silly me, i don't want to stay inside all the time for our honeymoon. Sedona it is!)
*Texas (well, at least more than i did see)
*Colorado, Wyoming, Montana (i just so want to be someplace where there's wide open spaces, blue skies and, dare i say, buffalo.)
*Georgia (no, not so i can stalk Alton Brown)
*Utah (and no, not so i can stalk Donny)
*Australia (but i think first i'll need to be drugged before the dang flight)

i never traveled as a kid. but now, as an overgrown kid, i just want to go and go and go. but i guess i need money first.

could there be a lotto winning in my immediate future? man i hope so.


doodlebugmom said...

Silly me. On my honeymoon, I liked the staying inside all the time!


Tug said...

Skip Wyoming.

trust me on that. ;-)

Melissa said...

A vacation would be so nice - I'd love to go to the Smoky Mountains now, or maybe the Ozarks. The leaves are so pretty this time of year.

I'm a simple girl - it doesn't take much to impress me!

Pat said...

My bucket list has gotten shorter and shorter over the years, but I'd sure like to get out once in a while too...
If you do make it to Utah, wave at me on your way through!