Oct 6, 2008

the nose...knows.

at one time, it was 'what's that in your nose?'
now - it's 'hey - what happened to your nose?'

i have a divot in my nose. and there's no way anyone is gonna stick one back in it.

last week - sometime during the night, i pulled a blanket over my head.
i'm very good at that.

somehow, someway...my head stayed left, while the blanket went right...around the nose stud and pulled it right out.

did i feel it? yep. did it hurt? nope. it did wake me up enough to feel up my own nose, but my sleep-addled brain said heck yeah, your Symbol of Rebellion is still there.

the mirror the next morning told the true story. it was gone. with only memories left behind.

so it's the end of an era. i'm not getting it re-pierced. i did it, i had fun with it, but its time has passed.

and it didn't even hurt.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I had completely forgotten about that piercing! I guess it outlived it's "usefulness," huh?

On to tattoos now?