Oct 30, 2008

positives and negatives.

i have always been a 'glass is half full' kind of girl. not in a Pollyanna kind of way, but in a things-aren't-as-bad-as-it-seems-so-suck-it-up-sunshine-kind of way.

most days it works. some days not so much.

take for example, this Saturday. i'm taking photos at my hair girl's baby's first birthday party. now, while i'm positive i won't choke too badly, i'm still kind of nervous about the whole thing.

and for every 'what ifs...' my brain comes up with, the glass half full part of my brain counters and tries to slap the what ifs into submission.

not as easy as it seems.

Eeyore brain says: oh, CRAP. what if i run out of battery juice? the battery is rechargeable, so not like you can bring a gazillion Duracells.

better part of my brain says: get over it. you'll charge before you go, and remember? you finally got those additional batteries from eBay. they can be charged and ready to go.

Eeyore: OK, well...what about the memory card? you're gonna run out of memory and THEN what are you gonna do?
better part: i have an 8 gig memory card, and there are still over a 1000 photos that can fit. i'll clear off what's on it now, clear space and have oodles of space for photos.
Eeyore: well...um....what if you take a bunch of photos of your fingers, like you used to?

better part: i was 10 years old. it was a pocket camera (remember those?). this is a bigger camera, it has a lens and it's digital. even if you stick your bum in the pictures, you can see it afterwards and delete it.

Eeyore: yeah? well, what if you get hit with a meteor? whatreya gonna do then, smart girl?

better part: (shakes head) we've not had a rash of meteor strikes here in the OC. i think we're done here.

i think you get the idea...and while most of the time it doesn't happen quite like that, still...i have arguments with myself from time to time.

i just want to do a good job - and have everyone like me.
easy, no?

in other news...

no updates really on the job search. he's been going back and forth with one guy here, and while it looks better and better, there's still no job offer.

we just both want it over. and i want him working.

turning to sports....

last Saturday was our photo classes field trip, out in Norco; a urban/country town about 40 minutes from us. lotsa horses, lotsa houses on large lots.

the farm we went to wasn't. no cows, no chickens, no horses. the owners are friends of my instructor, in their 80s and don't work the land. the missus is currently in the hospital recovering from West Nile Virus. pretty good for 80.

we had some models. i had a model of my own. and some doggies that just wanted to play.

my instructor & his wife.

best looking fella there.

coming up: Paramount Studios and a first birthday party.


Pat said...

LOL! I argue with myself all the time too! (Eeyore usually wins)
Niiiice photos!

Susie Q said...

I love your piccies...veddy, veddy good. : )


Melissa said...

Ha ha! You are too funny Ms-argue-with-myself.

Glad that all ended well, by the way.