Oct 25, 2008

11 years ago.

at about this time, 11 years ago -
* i was getting my hair sprayed and clipped and formed into an up-do.
* the Cutest Girl in Hesperia was in a green robe, ready for her turn.
* it was beyond windy. (my hair did not move)
* i laughed at a young man, nervous because he had to play the bagpipes. come on, dude - have you noticed i'm in a dang wedding dress?

oh - did i give it away?

11 years ago - we said we would. and we have. for better or worse, sickness and health and all the rest.

and if i had been on top of my game, i would have written vows like this:
i (your name here) promise to love you through fat times and unemployment. through loss of family and the gains, too.

through heartbreak and happiness. i promise to love you when you flub up and when you don't clean up after yourself.

i can't always promise to like you, but i will always love you.

i will always love you, even when you are having a breakdown - as long as you promise to love me, too, especially when i'm PMS-ing and i beg you to perform a hysterectomy on me.

i will always love you when you take three hours to do an oil change.

i will love you when you have no concept of time and we end up being late.

i will love you when you roll your eyes at my obsessions with Donny, photography, scrapbooking and whatever else i'm in to.

i love you, baby. thanks for eleven interesting years. here's to the rest of our lives together.


Melissa said...

*Wipes a tear from her eye. Sniff*

Happy anniversary you two!

doodlebugmom said...

Happy Anniversary to my favorite California Dude and Dudette!

Allison said...

Happy Anniversary! :) ♥

Susie Q said...

Happy, happy, happy anniversary you two wonderful and adorable and funny and smart and sweet and loveable and goofy and madly in love people. May you have 75 more blissful years together.

Love ya,