Oct 12, 2008

oh, Magoo...you've done it again.

and dang it, if you have to ask who Magoo is, you ARE young.

get out.


yesterday i went to my hair appointment. and before you start yawning, trust me. there is a point to my story.

really. i'm not just rewording my daily planner.

and while i'm leaned back in the shampoo bowl, my stylist (i know - it sounds Hollywood, but i can't stand the word hairdresser. don't ask me why.) says, 'hey, i have a proposition for you.'

well - i'm laying on my back and you've got a hose full of water. if i say no, i'll be drowned. i'm good with whatever you say.

'i was wondering,' she said, 'what you were doing November 1st?'

nothing, i say. i'm pretty sure my calendar's clear.

'well,' she says, 'maybe you would be willing to come over to my daughter's first birthday party and take pictures for me. if you would, i would comp today's services.'


look, i say, i'll be more than happy to take pictures for you. i'd love to, i'd love the practice and all but please let me pay for today.

'nope. that's the deal. you don't take pictures, you pay for the cut.'

that went on for a few minutes. finally i caved.

and now i have non-buyers remorse.

what the heck was i thinking? taking pictures of someone's child? and their first birthday party to boot?

i get lucky sometimes with the camera. and my ego gets all that, and thinks it can do anything.

now, i guess i gotta prove it.

in other news....

Brendan started up with a service called Job by Fax - for x amount, they will fax his resume to all the companies in the categories he picks. he joined up on Thursday.

on Friday he got four calls. one want to see him Monday.

this could rock.

i'd be oh so happy if this pays off. fingers crossed, kids. prayers sent. no goats, though.

we've got standards y'know.


Susie Q said...

Go for it girl! I KNOW you can do this...I KNOW it! This could be the start of sumpin' big!

And your hair will look all ourty too.

I will be thinking about Mr. B.
Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Bartering! That's so cool! And I know you'll do great. Looks like you've got a good excuse to take lots of practice photos!

doodlebugmom said...

Oooooh, now you are a pro!

Will keep my fingers crossed for the Bman :)