Sep 29, 2008

sticks & stones...

you can do a lot of things to me.

you can call me fat.
you can call me ugly.
you can say i have no fashion sense.
you can tell me my hair & makeup looks like crap.
you can even tell me my breath's bad. my feelers will not be hurt.

but -

accuse me of not doing my job, and i will go medieval on you, and go straight to the top if i have to.

i don't want an apology.
i don't want a 'oh, my bad.'
i don't want anything from you.

but don't you ever, ever try to lump me in with those in my group who have no effing clue about what they are doing - or even care about what they do.

and while i realize what i do isn't curing diseases, saving orphan children or even fixing the nation's financial woes, i do take a certain amount of pride in what i do.

get rid of the vendor, or give me the clearance to pull work from them so i can do my job.

and don't EVER point your accusing finger at me.

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

I feel for ya. I would hug ya, but you are I will keep my distance :o)