Sep 12, 2008

Alton's coming to live with ME.

me. not you.
Alton Brown is coming to live at my house. in October. just in time for my wedding anniversary.

OK. so he's coming to my Nintendo DS. he's still coming to my house.

just in time - they're releasing a game for the Wii and Nintendo DS - Iron Chef America. you can battle Mario, Cat or Morimoto, while Alton runs commentary.

oh you KNOW i'm getting this.

how old am i again?

what the heck. the game is WAY cheaper than the macro lens i want.


who says you can't buy happiness? you just gotta know how much happiness you can afford.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Will you tell him to shave off that stupid facial hair? I mean really - it's way too scruffy for him!

Rant over.