Sep 13, 2008

i *heart* field trips.

last week, the Husband mentioned that the Navy was offering tours of one of it's ships at the nearby Seal Beach Naval Weapons of the very few since 9/11.

i immediately got all tingly. you mean a field trip? an honest-to-goodness field trip?
great googly moogly. let me sit down and catch my breath.

i've always loved field trips. we went on several a year, right up to junior high. imagine my horror when the Sis-in-Law said that the schools only do one maybe two a year. budgets and all.

as a kid, i remember going to the local Wonder Bread bakery...gaaaaaah - the aromas from that heavenly place still haunt me to this day - and, i believe is one of the reasons i'm a 'pretty plus.' i have no willpower when it comes to fresh-baked goods.

we went to the local missions - the ones Fr. Junipero Sierra started all up and down California. even now, at 46, i really, really want to do a road trip and visit all the missions.

we visited local tide pools - where i was terrified i was going to fall on my bum and be laughed at.

klutzy then, klutzy still.

heck - we even went to the Star Kist tuna processing plant. the smell's memorable there as well, but for all the wrong reasons.

so when the Husband mentioned this tour, heck, i was at the door with my dang camera, wagging my tail; arewegoingforawalktellmewe'regoingforawalkilovegoingforawalkcanwegonownownowNOW?

i even had it all planned out: i had to go in to work for a couple of hours, and my Salt Mine is right up the road from the Weapons Station. Husband can come pick me up, we head on over, tour the dang thing, i risk National Security by taking pictures and we all go home, happy as larks. after all, who's gonna be interested in touring a Naval frigate?

how about enough people to make an hour and half line waiting to get on board?
oh effffffffffffffffffffffff.
i love Disneyland. i don't wait an hour to get on a ride there, i'm sure not gonna for a ship.

after a brief confab, we decided the best course of action would be to get there first thing Sunday morning, be there when the gates opened and slaughter anyone who got in our way.
it's a little harsh, but remember: i drive Southern California freeways.

the plan worked perfectly. we waited maybe 15-20 minutes before we got on board, and the whole thing took about an hour.

and i of course, risked National Security.

they do like things shiny.

he likes things that makes noise.

and i liked the fact that i crawled both up AND down two of these without falling or otherwise embarassing myself.

i love field trips.


Melissa said...

That looks like SO much fun - and I probably would've slipped on one of those ladder rungs and bunged my shins up something awful.

Tug said...

That looks AWESOME! So glad you found a way to bypass the long lines - even if it WAS ohso early.

Prayers for hubby - how did the interview go? If the prayers work, can we use them for ME to find a new job? Puleeeeeeeeeze?

doodlebugmom said...

Very cool. My dad was on the Intrepid when he was in the Navy, I always wanted to go see it. But now I have to wait til repairs are finsihed. (yah, like I will go anyway! LOL)

I love the pix and no way would I have gone down that ladder!