Sep 11, 2008

well. they'll let ANYONE on the internet these days, won't they?

well, look who's back, kids.

and i think the only reason i AM posting is because the Husband is not currently at our domicile. he's been hogging the damn thing worse-n-a crack whore.

hmmm. crack whore. that's a little strong, isn't it? so - where were we?

after all was said and done, the first job of 2008 gave him the heave-ho. sorry, but we can't afford you. sorry, but i think you should get a clue as to how much money you make and spend before you do anything else and inconvenience anyone else in your current or former employ.

still bitter? you betcha.

he's been looking off and on, now since he's officially out of work, more on. i talked him into driving up to his brother's in Northern California to do some camping with the Bro and Bro's boys. good on them, a little male bonding is always in order. it also gave B a chance to do a road trip with the new wheels.

oh and to not shower for three or four days. gross. OH and to go poo in a hole in the ground. totally gross. once again, the Princess sez i like camping at the Marriott.

he was gone for a week. i missed him like crazy.

back to the unemployment crap - fingers crossed, kids, he got a call from a VP of HR for a company he had gotten a hit on, they want to talk to him next Tuesday. it would do everyone in the family good to have him working again. all i can say is, thank God i'm covering him on my insurance and the car payment. it would be beyond stressful (or more than it is, already) if i had that on my plate.

it's all about me. deal with it.
after all, it is my blog.

needless to say, it's been a little stressful here, and, with no 'net to vent on, well...i remember why i have a blog - it's cheaper than therapy.

last week, i had a breakdown. the kind where you work too late, walk out to your car, start crying and cry the whole.way.home.

yeah. that's fun.

at my work, we've been offloading work to overseas vendors - that sucks. it was hard enough to clear reports when everything was in one house, much less when it's in two overseas locations. so as our vendor commitments grew, so did my job. add to that we have two deadlines for our paging departments - one @ 11am, the 2nd @ 5.

i wasn't making a 5pm cut off, much less an 11am one. i hated my job.
i hated myself.

but after crying for an hour after i got home, i knew something had to give. i couldn't any more.

the next day - we on the reports team had a meeting with the graphics manager. what's going on, why are we having problems, blah, blah, blah. she started out with some other points, then went around the room and asked my compadres what teams they were responsible for, what they did, and did they feel overwhelmed?

girl #1 - oh, i care for one team. everything is good.
girl #2 - me - i care for one team, no problems here!
me - um, i care for 7 teams, i create the schedules we use and I AM COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED!

hmmmm - balance in all things, and there ain't none herebouts. the manager, having pity on me, split up seven of my teams between the three of us, and gave girl #1 one of my schedules to care for.

and yes. i feel better. but, after the meeting, the manager (who also hosted one of my showers before we got married, i've worked for for years and am friends with) came by my desk and says, 'do you feel better?'

well, yes. it's just been so much, and...

manager: i know. you've got too much on your plate, and not only that, i know it's bad when i see you and you look like

well. that's reassuring. not only am i not doing my job, but apparently i look like poop.

manager - you lost your smile. i need that.

i do too. i just wasn't finding anything to smile about.

i am now.
now just give my Husband a job and i'll be freaking hysterical.

i started school Tuesday - a photography class offered by the local community college. 10 weeks of one night a week that's all about me.

i'm so superficial.

we'll be covering f-stops and all the stuff i have no idea how to do. then at the end of the class we go on two field trips - Balboa Island and another location to be named later.

cool, huh?

i'm really excited about it. i cannot wait till Tuesdays.

there you go, Gentle Reader. a way too long synopsis on what's going on in our bloody boring lives.

and to think you waited weeks for this.

it's good to be back.


Tug said...

I missed you...SO glad you are back!

((HUGS))...prayers...thoughts. You know I'm here, k?

skrpndiva said...

And it's great to have you back my friend! So glad!


doodlebugmom said...

I am glad you're back Ms. Sassy.

Sorry about all the shi--caca.

(can I give you some advice? a friend told me this when I was facing the scary mri, she said, just keep reminding yourself: this is better than a pelvic exam.this is better than a pelvic exam. this is better....)


Melissa said...

Yay! Valerie's back!

Sometimes a good cry does us good - and good for you for being honest with the higher-ups. So many times we have a tendency to have the stiff upper lip and soldier on.

Enjoy that camera class. Like you NEED to have someone else to teach you about pictures. You'll be teaching them before it's over!