Sep 26, 2008

ah - the glories of one sentence bursts.

  • and the wonders of fall, especially when it's 88 freaking degrees out! what the heck is that all about?
  • it would be great that it's Friday, except that i gotta work tomorrow.
  • still nothing on the job horizon. it sucks to be my boy.
  • i feel like my shoulder has been surgically attached to my ears.
  • hell begins tonight...literally. the Haunt opens over at Knott's, so for the next four weekends, we will endevor to stay the heck away from this area...which does make for creative ways to get home while avoiding all the traffic of the Haunt attendees.
  • man - i SO love movies like 'The Right Stuff' and 'Apollo 13.' i could watch 'em on and on....
  • i could use a massage.
  • Albertson's makes a dang fine frozen pizza. quite nice for a Friday night.

hope your weekend rocks.

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