Sep 22, 2008

did you hear something fall?

sorry, couldn't resist.
fall is here. arrived @ 8:44 this morning.
i love fall. the feel of it. the difference in the air. the ever so slight chill that starts, grows and blooms into winter.

well, except for here in Mostly Smoggy So. California, where we have two and a half seasons. spring/summer, then winter.

i had no idea that leaves actually change colors in parts of this great land. here, the grass just gets a little less green and the hills hereabouts go from brown of the summer to green as the rain comes. one year, the Husband decided that i needed to see the leaves change color. so we made plans to visit friends in Michigan in October, just when the magic would happen.
which was great - except that the leaves had changed about a week or so before we got there. also, our trip was in October 2001. right after September 2001, where my underwire bra stopped traffic leaving Michigan but that's another post.

ah - California. a land of conflicts...and not just the ones about our state budget.

in other news...

i had no idea i could enjoy a class sooooooooo much. love, love, love this photography class.
tomorrow is all about f-stops and such and i have no doubt that my notebook is going to be chock-full of notes...some of which may be legible.

i'm already planning on signing up for the instructor's intermediate class next semester.
y'all have said some very nice things about my photos, and i appreciate every one. i just want to be really, really good. not necessarily talented, but at least better.

nothing new on the job front for the Husband - and i think it's starting to really get him down. today was a pretty sad boy moving around here.

he really needs to work - not only for the monetary gain, but it's got to be a downer, only working 2 months from the year.

speaking of the Husband, yesterday, we drove out to the Chino airport, a municipal one out about 35-40 minutes from our palatial estate. they have a 'Planes of Fame' museum there, and we were going to go...until we saw the admission fee...heck. at that price we can have a yum-o dinner out.

but, having never go anywhere without my little black precious, i got completely excited about this, right across the street from the airport.

stop laughing, Linda. moo-cows are a rarity in the city.

this one was a little cranky.
and if you look carefully, you'll see she's very drooly. must be the thought of getting her picture taken. i feel the same way every time i get to play with my precious.

moo, indeed.


doodlebugmom said...

mooooooooo. Hey I love cows! (cept for the smell. and the drool. and oh yeah...its really bad when the cough!)

Tug said...

Sorry to hear about the job search...but that's awesome with the photography class!

You need to go to a branding some time so you can kneel and sit in cow poop - and the last one I was at? I was the vaccinator - sticking needles up those snotty noses to shoot medicine in there - whoo hoo!

skrpndiva said...

I'm all over the moo-cow thing. I get it, I do!

Steff said...

You have cool music playing. Now that I have speakers I can actually enjoy it!

I think you take great pictures. Maybe I should check out a photography class...hmmm.

Hope you enjoy the first weekend of Fall! :)

Melissa said...

Cows aren't much of a rarity here, since we have LOTS of dairy farms around. Moo!

Your posting about your photography class has given me an idea - my sister promised me some pointers on making my camera work better, and she's in my neck of the woods today, so I think when she comes over to use my WiFi I'm going to hit her up for a lesson!

Susie Q said...

She's a beauty!! I LOVE me some cows.

And I am sooo envious aboutyour photog class. I say we team up and open our own photo studio. : )

Well, I can dream right??