Apr 14, 2008

what's happening in the clean world?

well then.

i think that's enough silence for, oh - say a monastery, wouldn't you?

and no worries, all is well in O'Mahonyville. just a few bad patches in a sucky year. believe me when i say that 2008 has blown.huge.chunks. and i will be truly glad to kiss it goodbye.

no tongue.

so - let's catch up, shall we?

B is still gainfully unemployed. the employer in San Diego turned him down for another candidate, and, while Brendan was ranting about how he was the best person for this job, i countered with reminding him that a) the job wasn't meant to be, so he should just get over it (i know. i am SO sympathetic), and b) the job wasn't meant to be because remember? we would need to move. THAT COSTS MONEY. and even if we didn't move right away, there would be the commuting. WHICH ALSO COSTS MONEY.

and c) if i had to, i would take the commuter train, but wasn't relishing spending 2-3 hours of my day on the bloody Metrolink.

which brings us to the job he's been chasing, right around the corner from our casa. they've played grab-ass for a few weeks now; employer making an offer, B countering with a slightly higher offer, employer saying no, well, what about this amount, B coming back with another offer. finally, employer said well, let me think that one over, call me in a few days.

B calls back in a few days. employer says, 'hey, you were supposed to call me on Friday.' B replies no, we decided on Thursday, remember? employer says, 'oh. you're right. well, sorry, but i can't swing that amount.' B thanks him for his time, and tells him to keep his resume on file.

B's fine. i'm pissed. this guy had already decided that he wasn't willing to pay what Brendan was asking, but did not have the common courtesy to call him and let him know before Brendan had to call? sheesh.

if he treats people like this who don't work for him, imagine what it must be like to work for this man.

but really...i've let it go.


so - other than that...my mom says she's doing better with her knee healing after surgery, but, since she's compensating for the bad one, her good one is acting up. i know she's not feeling well when she cancels on her quilting social groups.

such a thing just does not happen.

i'm hoping she can get in to some PT soon...it made a difference with my back and i only regret i didn't get in before i went back to work.

meanwhile...i'm looking for a pedicure, a massage and peace for my soul.

oh, and a winning lotto ticket so i can sit around all day taking cooking & photography classes and making slightly cuter stuff out of other stuff.

if only.


Susie Q said...

Okay...so you feel a little better 'cause you are crackling again. You little firecracker you.

I am so sorry about the job crap. We had that for almost 2 years...he was working 3 jobs then the one in Va which totally sucked. Finally it all happened. B will get the right job at the right time for the right amount soon. It is so hard to be patient though isn't it? I am sooo bad at that.

I miss you lady...it is good to see that razor with back in action.
You always make my day.


Melissa said...

Ok, in this case, silence has NOT been golden. I was just about to email you. Honest!

Good for Brendan for holding out. Something better will come along!

Glad to hear what's going on in the O.C.

Doug Bagley said...

You find peace for your soul pass some on to me, will ya. Been one of those days, lol. Oh, winning the lotto wouldn't hurt any either.

Pat said...

Don't hate me, but when I read this I was a little bit relieved - I'm a worrier, and had imagined that something may have gone terribly wrong with your mother. So you see - things could always be worse...

Tug said...

That sucks the big one about the job, but you're right - wasn't meant to be. argh.

Does your mom have a pool close? Water therapy (with a therapist & on my own) did WONDERS for my back because it's so low impact...just a thought?

skrpndiva said...

Glad to see you back. I wish I had the time to update more often, but life here is super busy. Looks as if it will be until summer actually starts ... mid June.