Apr 23, 2008

it's that dang internal dialog that keeps popping out.

at the baby shower on Saturday, one of the games played was 'how much do you know about Ashley?' the usual questions: is she wearing earrings? what's her favorite movie? has she picked a name for the baby?

(no. Wizard of Oz. yes, Dakota)

one of the questions was: is she wearing pants?

nope. she's wearing a sundress. then the smart-ass with the camera says, 'and that's what got her into this mess!'

dang it. i need a handler for myself.


Melissa said...

You sound like my aunt, who was in the delivery room as her first grandchild was being born. My cousin waited too long for the epidural (thought she could do it med-free!) but while they went to get the drugs, she said, "I feel something between my legs!"

My aunt replied, "Yes, that was nine months ago. That's why we're here."

doodlebugmom said...

hahahaha. Ooops, don't make me laugh so much, I get funny looks at work :o)

smileymamaT said...

HAAA HA HA HA Hee heeee *snort*...
...good one.

katarinasmama said...

OMG...you are hysterical!!! Loved the comment!!! Love the fact that you found the old Osmond cartoon...now, I need to see that again...and oh my the pedi story...dontcha love pushy salon owners??? And pink toesies that result after 25 minutes of assault on your sensibilities??? You totally made me smile today...thank you!!!

Pat said...

I've also been suffering from severe "foot-in-mouth" lately, and let me tell ya - I'm getting really tired of the taste of my socks!

Susie Q said...

I am still laughing over this and the comments everyone left. *grin*
Melissa's has me giggling like a schoolgirl. Not that all schoolgirls laugh or get silly...would not want to upset any schoolgirls who may or may not be reading this. Ahem.

Now I have never been known to put my huge, weird toed foot in my mouth. Heck, I could never be nimble enough to get it there...bad knees and all.

Love ya,