Apr 4, 2008

because i'm too tired to be funny.

or witty.
or tender.
or thought-provoking.

wait. i rarely AM, anyway. so i guess it's not much of a stretch.

i am, however, tired.

week of work makes me weak.

so. what's been going on? B's still a stay-at-home dad. he's contacted both the latest interviews; one isn't ready to make a decision and the other is doing his usual 'i'm very busy and cannot talk to you but call me next week' thing.


at work, things are starting to actually slow down. a little. then a brushfire takes off and i consider quitting/retiring/winning the lotto all over again.

(speaking of, did you read about the man in Michigan who won the lotto? usually plays w/ fellow co-workers, but this time his son bought him some tix. $126MILLION. and he's planning on giving $1 million each to some of his co-workers that he usually played with. i just am not sure i could be that generous to some of the schmoes i work with.)


stole this from Linda. enjoy. i'm going to bed.

Each question needs to be answered with a 5 word answer
1. What did you have for breakfast? a uggy sausage breakfast burrito
2 What are you doing now? trying to keep eyes open
3. What is your weather like? cool. cloudy. breezy. possible rain.
4. What’s bugging you now? politics nationally and at work.
5. What’s going on this weekend? swap meet. weigh-in. creating!

feel free to play, let me know so i can spy your answers.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Hope things pick up for you soon their lady.