Apr 19, 2008

Saturday mornings rock.

a bowl of Honeycomb.
the Osmonds cartoons on DVD.
doing some scrapbooking for a friend.

that's what i call a good day.

off to take photos at a baby shower. that should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

That the Osmonds have their own cartoon scares me!


Valerie said...

oh come on. if the Jackson 5 could have a cartoon, why not the Osmonds?
(besides, they were both equally dumb)

smileymamaT said...

wow, the nail shop lady... get many customers by insulting them, do ya??
I once had a man say to me, as I was (at work at a motel) filling out his registration form, I was about 15, he says, So do you play the piano?
Why yes I do, I answered.
Oh, he said, I didn't think you did, because you have such short, stubby fingers.
Some people just have no clue. Good thing Donny Osmond is here to make up for it...lol... :)