Nov 21, 2008


i'm not in a good place now.

i don't usually go here...this dark dim place where the sun doesn't always get through. but lately, well..

so for every negative, i try to come up with a positive.

lots of crap at work.
well, at least you have a job. the unemployment rate is up, and sits in your living room.

the economic situation in the world blows.
yeah. it does. but again, you're not missing meals...although you could stand to lose a few. you're making your bills.

even on the radio last week, our local country station was hosting a radio-thon, raising money for the local rescue mission. a woman called in, donating $200. she had lost her entire home in the Sylmar fires. but, she said, she knew there were people out there far worse off than she was.

i hung my head in shame, feeling sorry for myself because we are down one income. because it's hard to be strong when you know the most important person in your life cannot convince one single employer to take a chance on him.

it's tough to be the strong one, when all i want to do is cry.

come on over. it's the pity party of the year.


smileymamaT said...

I'd be over in an hour, if it weren't for the whole I'm-a-thousand-miles-away thing.
Your post got me thinking too, I need to stop whining in general as I am sitting in a warm house with the bills (mostly) paid and the fridge (mostly) full... there was this kid, age 9, yesterday , the son of a co worker, who donated $25 from his piggybank for the Tree of Life fundraiser for cancer. I was amazed and humbled. So yah, there are worse things, I hear ya girl. And I need to read back a ways and catch up with you, where the heck have I been?!

doodlebugmom said...


Tug said...

((hugs)) to you...I'm with you - it's tough, I bitch, but I'm lucky.

I get it.

(I hope to catch up with e-mail soon)

Melissa said...

Dude. Yes. I know. I was all whining and complaining because the heat in my car wasn't getting QUITE hot enough, and then I go to my mom's house, and there sits my brother's car - with a piece of plywood attached with plastic ties on one of the back windows. Never got around to asking him what happened to the window, but I know it has to bum him out that he's driving such a piece of junk car.

I've had lots go wrong this week, but I haven't missed any meals either - and I haven't had to decide between groceries or paying a bill - so I guess I'm not so bad off after all.

Susie Q said...

Dang but I wish I could run over...we live too far apart you know. : )
I so get the whole pity party thig and was there with ya last week. We all have those days. Weeks. Heck,months and years but it will pass...

I send hugs and love and Thanksgiving wishes. You are one of the best Valerie...


doodlebugmom said...

happy turkey day my friend! =)

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be a part of that party. If you only knew what I was going through, you'd not be in that place.

Hope you are feeling better my friend!

Love ya!