Nov 15, 2008

oh holy CRAP.

now the bloody fire is in my general neck o' de woods.

Brea. Yorba Linda. Anaheim Hills. Corona. all about 10-20 miles from us.

it's really like living in an ash tray. BIG ash, horrible smoke. i've got the house closed up, and of course it's about 90 all day.

the smoke is everywhere and it does make it hard to breathe. i don't know how people with asthma deal with this kind of crap. but tomorrow, i'm seriously considering heading over to Home Depot and getting some masks...if they still have any.

i'm watching footage of a house in Yorba Linda, about a 6000 ft one, now a pile of char because they're up in the hills and the pumping station burned down.

if you wanted a definition of irony, well - there you go.

and now they've arrested some dumbasses for looting.

the cat & i are laying low. there's no danger here, but it's scary.
it's smokey.
it's dark.
and it sucks to watch TV and know there's nothing you can do as you watch your home burn up.

prayers for them. for the firefighters. and even for the dumbasses that loot.


Tug said...

Be careful out there girl, and yes - get masks!

Did they ever figure out what started these?

Pat said...

Wow - you're starting to make me nervous! Stay safe out there!

BTW - love those Balboa photos! :)

Melissa said...

You need to check in with us when you get the chance - I saw an apartment complex in flames on the news last night, and freaked out a little!

Anonymous said...

I drove through there yesterday, it's terrible! I have a mask. Need one because of my lung!