Nov 28, 2008

bitter? me?? naaaah.

another Thanksgiving is part of our past. another chance to share memories, create new ones and spend precious time with family.


i realize no family is the Waltons. (and for you youngsters out there, The Waltons was a TV show back in the 70s about a large family in West VA growing up during the depression. they were way too close and happy. Crazy Auntie Kay used to lament that our family was nothing like the Waltons.) i know every family has its own peccadillo's. their own version of weird.

some, are just way more weirder than others.

we spent yesterday at my mom & step-pop's. as we like to, we ordered our dinner from Knott's, who, for about $75, provides a whole roasted turkey, mashed spuds, stuffing, gravy, yams, corn, rolls, butter, jam, cranberry jelly, bread & butter pickles (?!) AND a pie.

all cooked. all boxed up. all goooood. and what's even better is, we drive up, show them the receipt, they grab a box and put it in our car.

now that's my idea of cooking.

back to Thanksgiving.

Wednesday when i was at my mom's, the last thing i said to them was that we would pick up the dinner @ 3pm and come on over. and that i would call before we came over.

i forgot to call. and caught hell for it.

OK, i screwed up, but sheesh, when you know we're getting dinner at a certain time, then coming right over, well - it can't be that much of a surprise.

surprises come later.

when we got there, they were feeding the army of cats living there (yes. my folks are the neighborhood Crazy Cat People) and while i'm trying to redeem myself for not calling, i try to get a plate of cat food for one of the older cats who lives in the garage.

oh no. no food for that cat. the cat died a month ago.

excuse me?

yep. cat's been gone for a month and no one told me. i watched this cat birth. she was a little feral but still a good cat.

well thanks for letting me know.

i know it's a little extreme, but dammit it wouldn't surprise me if, the next time i go over there, they tell me that my mom or step-pop had passed. i don't understand what it is about this family that refuses to talk about anything. years ago, when my mom was diagnosed with diabetes, it took two days for her to tell me.

two days.

apparently communication isn't a strong suit in this family. so while i'm frustrated and irritated, i keep trying to tell myself that while my family is a part of me, i don't have to follow the same patterns they do.

but i wonder what Dr. Phil would have to say about it?

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.


doodlebugmom said...

I am sorry they didn't tell you about the cat. I read this and see what a bad daughter I am, I haven't told my dad about my ruptured disc and I have known since (gasp!) September.

Melissa said...

Well, we had separate dinners for everyone, because no one wanted to eat with each other - my brother went one way, my parents another, and my sister came with the three of us to Cracker Barrel. Even in my small family, folks aren't talking to one another.

'Tis the season, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh Valerie, I know the pain of it. Things happening to my family all around and noone knows anything!


Susie Q said...

Oh Valerie...I know it also. My brother is in a funk over his job, my nephew's autism whatever else he can think of and never really snapped out of it for the holiday.
Still, he was there and behaved more or less.
Which is better than Bill's brother whose wife of 18 years seems to forget that we exist and he lets her...unless he needs to borrow more money which they forget to pay back and then never call or come see us. And they live in the area. Families...whatch gonna do. Can't kill'em right?

My Mom is sooo bad about telling things. Better now cause she has too. MY dad had his first stroke 6 weeks before I was due to visit and they did not tell me until I got there and wondered why dad did not come to the door (as he always did!) ARGH!

I am sorry about the kitty...poor baby.

But we all love ya!!