Nov 30, 2008

don't hate me because i don't live in the snow.

(just so you know, my mom called me Friday morning to apologize for being such a....pain. i knew what her problem was; she has a variety of pain issues and hadn't taken a pain pill. my stepfather, however...a whole 'nother story.)

Saturday, the Husband & i headed down to the Seal Beach pier for some killer corned beef hash & eggs.

and i, of course, brought the camera for fun.

so don't hate me because there's no snow. but there are surfers.


my favorites.

and my favorite subject.


it's tough living near the beach. but someone's gotta do it.


doodlebugmom said...

Oh I don't hate you! You have wild fires and earthquakes. We have snow and tornadoes...I'd call it even! :o)

(does tornado have an 'e' in it when you add and 's', both ways look wrong...I should have said twister!

Melissa said...

Yes, Linda, it is "tornadoes" (says the girl who lives in the Deep South and deals with the prospect of them regularly.)

Hey, you may not have snow, but like she said, you have earthquakes - and I've known more than one person who left that area because of them!