Nov 4, 2008

tootsies extraordinary.

i have the most amazing feet ever. not that you would look at mine and go, 'WOW! your feet are beyond description.'

and believe me, those words have been used about my feet before. although generally it's been said by anyone giving me a pedicure...and not in a good way.

but as usual, i digress.

my feet have radar. the military could use them. you see, my feet have the uncanny ability to find unpleasant things on the ground.

things like poo. or puke. AND the sensitivity of that radar goes up 2000% if i am barefoot, which i prefer to be 80% of the time.
and of course, the radar doubles that if it's, oh, say 3:30 am.

yesterday, i came home from work tired, cranky and generally out of sorts. i changed my clothes and, took off my shoes. walked into the living room and BAM!!!

direct hit with puke.

and, sitting off to the side was the cat, gazing at me. i'm just not sure if he was only watching, or if he was laughing at's entirely possible he was laughing.

so apparently if there's anything uggy to step in, my wonderful, sensitive feet will find it.

now if they could only find some piles of money to step in.


doodlebugmom said...

cat puke??? uucccckkkkkkkkkk!

Susie Q said...

Oh wow. Been there. Feel your pain.

Love ya sweetie,