May 27, 2006


...from life.

...from my blog.

...from my laptop.

thankfully - the laptop is back in biz-ness!

took off last Friday to meet with one of my best friends, who lives about an hour from us, and introduced me to the Hubbs. she came down to chaperone her daughter's jr. high ditch day, so we got to spend the day together @ Knott's Berry Farm, a little amusement park literally around the corner from me - it's where the Hubbs became my Hubbs.

(yes, i got married in an amusement park. they had the most beautiful little white clapboard church that used to be in Downey @ the turn of the century, then Walter Knott moved it to his park. they have since moved it over by their waterpark across the street, but you can get married there, AND they have non-denomational services every Sunday. my lame joke was you could try to get closer to God in the church, but go on the Xcelerator, and you will feel closer. and probably call out His Name in the process!)

so...on this Friday, as i'm just hanging with Hubbs, our phone rings & it's the Boss. and she's asking if i want to go with her to Pennsylvania next week to help out a fellow Graphics department in distress.

do i???? sure!!!! a chance to travel? oh, youbetcha. i did no traveling as a kid. zero. zilch. nada. Hubbs now is more than willing to show me what i missed.

boss & i flew out Wednesday, and got home today.

they are in dire straits. so much so, that Boss & i are heading back the week after this. for the entire week.

oh my. es no bueno.

we (along with the VP of our facility) spent 12+ hour days there, trying to help. their backlogs are outrageously high & they're in danger of not making publication on several books.

we tried to help..but there's a lot of work to be done. hence why we're going back.

but today...i'm done. had three hours of sleep this morning, was at the airport @ 5:30a.m., had a layover in Phoenix, where our flight was delayed about 40 minutes before i finally got to Long Beach airport to see the Hubbs with a bouquet of flowers.

just exactly what i needed to see. him.

looking back on this here post, i'm surprised it's as coherent as it seems to be. (do tell me if i'm wrong, wontcha?!) i'm beyond exhausted. but i want to stay up as long as i can to get my body back on West Coast time.

and the thought of going back for round two exhausts me.

hmmmm....wonder how a combo of Red Bull & Vivarin would work?

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